About the accident

On Tuesday, June 10, 2014 Asta and Pino did not return as expected to Reykjavik after a weekend trip to a family cabin in Fljótshlid, South-Iceland. They did not answer phone calls and when relatives went to the cabin they were nowhere in sight. Police and rescue teams were called and asked for help to search for them. Police investigation shows that Asta and Pino went for a walk to Bleiksargljufur, a ravine not far from the cabin, after half past ten in the morning of Pentecost Sunday on June 8. The weather that morning was exceptionally good. In the evening of the first day of the search, June 10, Pino´s body was found in the ravine. Pino‘s autopsy showed that she had died after a high fall, most likely down a 30 meter high waterfall near the top of the ravine. The river then carried her body down the ravine into a pool where she was found. Five weeks later, Asta‘s body was found by a rescue team downstream in the river close to where the ravine ends. Asta‘s autopsy showed that Asta had died from drowning after having lost consciousness due to hypothermia. There are no witnesses to what happened this Sunday morning but all indications point to Asta having gone into the ravine to look for Pino who had fallen. It is possible to enter the ravine in a few places, but it is not clear which path Asta chose. Clothes belonging to Asta were found close to the pool where Pino‘s body was found. Asta could have entered the ravine there and tried to rescue Pino from the water. This scenario is not known exactly, but it seems clear that Asta put her life at risk in an attempt to save her friend Pino.