Condolence cards

Astusjodur offers condolence cards. If you wish to honour a friend’s memory and support Astusjodur, you can do so by e-mailing Please state to whom the card is to be sent (name and full address), the name of the person you wish to remember, and the names you wish to list under the greeting. Astusjodur will send the card as soon as a donation is confirmed, which may take several days.

To donate to Astusjodur please make a payment through your bank using this payment information:
Name:  Astusjodur
Address: Fifuhvammur 21, 200 Kopavogur, Iceland
IBAN:  IS20 0301 13 302339 6307140440

The condolence card (only in icelandic):

minningarkort_astusjodsTranslation of the card’s text main text: Astusjodur (e. Asta’s fund) has received a donation in the memory of _ _ _ _ _  Deepest condolences, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Translation of subtext: About Astusjodur see fund’s website

The name of the person to be remembered and the names you wish to sign, will be filled in according to your e-mail mentioned abowe.