Astusjodur (Asta’s Fund)

About Astusjodur

Astusjodur (Asta’s Fund) was established July 25, 2014 in memory of Asta Stefansdóttir, a lawyer in Reykjavik who died in a June 2014 accident in Bleiksargljufur, a ravine in Fljotshlid, South-Iceland. The fund, established by Asta‘s friends, aims to support search and rescue teams in Iceland and further Asta´s interests. Asta‘s interests in law were environmental law, criminal law, justice and human rights. She also had great interest in equal rights and culture.

About Asta

Those who wish to donate to Astusjodur please make a payment through your bank using this payment information:

  • Name:  Astusjodur
  • Address: Fifuhvammur 21, 200 Kopavogur, Iceland
  • IBAN:  IS20 0301 13 302339 6307140440
  • SWIFT: ESJAISRE  (Arion Bank)

The Board of Astusjodur is chaired by lawyer Helga Hauksdottir. Other members of the Board are lawyer Bergthora Ingolfsdottir, lawyer Edda Andradottir, project manager Maria Gestsdottir and university student Thor Stefansson. The rules for the fund are here (in icelandic). To contact Astusjodur please e-mail to postur@astusjodur.is

News from Astusjodur

Condolence cards. You can order a condolence card to honor a friend’s memory and at the same time support Astusjodur.

Christmas cards (2016) to support Astusjodur are sold at Bóksala Stúdenta at Háskólatorg. The cards are size A5, folded (double) with envelopes.